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Dir. Igor Drljaca

Sarajevo born Jasmin, lives with his wife Patricia and his ten year-old son Daniel in Toronto. Before arriving to Canada, he was a respected actor in pre-war Yugoslavia. He is divorced from his first wife, Azra, who is ill, and with whom he has an adolescent, disillusioned daughter Edina. Drifting in a loveless second marriage, Jasmin juggles his construction job and a busy audition schedule, while helping Dan prepare for a school play. Jasmin shares his frustrations with his friends Zoran and Miro, in whom he confides that he is saving money to return to Sarajevo to restart his acting career. He occasionally performs in front of members of Toronto’s Yugoslav diaspora, performing popular skits from Bosnia. When contacted by a director for a role in a silent art installation – one that juxtaposes a family vacation trip with Bosnia’s civil war, Jasmin becomes increasingly disoriented. Azra’s declining health, and the pressures of whether to leave the city, force him to confront his own mortality and his long-term responsibilities of fatherhood.

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