• Point Traverse (2010)
  • Point Traverse (2010)
  • Point Traverse (2010)
  • Point Traverse (2010)

Point Traverse (2010)

POINT TRAVERSE tells the story of two childhood friends, Adwin and Cael, who have followed separate paths in life.  Adwin leads a solitary life as the manager of a little restaurant in a small town, while Cael has become a drifter, aimlessly wandering the Earth in hopes of something better.  After both men have a chance encounter with an ill-fated loner, the two embark on a journey of self-discovery that forces them to see that the rules governing their lives were made to be broken.


Director/Writer: Albert Shin
Producers: Albert Shin, Robin Patrick Smith, Roland Echavarria

Cast: Will Ennis, Dave Rachar, Rachel Nauruzova, Justin Major, Heather Gallagher

Story by: Albert Shin & Robin Patrick Smith
Director of Photography: Roland Echavarria
Editor: Albert Shin
Sound Design & Mix: Steve Cupani
Music by: Quinton Moody
Songs by: Alcoholic Faith Mission

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Directed By: Albert Shin 103 min – HDCAM - 2:35 - Dolby E View Trailer